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 Dark Knight Rises Fan Reviews

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PostSubject: Dark Knight Rises Fan Reviews   Dark Knight Rises Fan Reviews I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2012 5:02 pm

Come in here and give Your review of the Dark Knight Rises, Spoilers Allowed.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Knight Rises Fan Reviews   Dark Knight Rises Fan Reviews I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2012 3:31 am

I've posted in this in the comments section for the "what are your thoughts article", but I thought I'd copy them here for longer term discussion as more people watch the movie.

Amazing movie, 10/10 from me. At this point I don't know if I would call it my favourite, I will have to watch it a couple more times before I could make that decision, but really I couldn't even really choose between Begins and The Dark Knight!

Each movie is amazing in it's own way, they are self contained enough to be enjoyed as they are, but connected enoughh to feel part of an overall story.

Specifically for The Dark Knight Rises, I thought it was very powerful and emotional, you could see the 'pain' that both Bruce and Gordon where going throuh with the 'safe Gotham' being based on a lie, you could see this with Alfred as well, feeling that Bruce felt that he needed to be Batman again because it was what Rachael died for. The lies, whilst everyone involved in them felt they were for the best in The Dark Knight ... it is clear with The Dark Knight Rises that the guilt is getting to everyone.

As the film develops, I really like where they went with John Blake's character, how he discovered who Batman really was ... and even acknowledged that if Gordon really wanted to he could probably figure it out (love how it is revealed to Gordon by the end!) .. his real name Robin was obviously a nod, but I was thinking it would have been better if it was Tim Drake or something, but thats a small nit pick.

Selena Kyle was brilliant, best version of Catwoman, the more that I think about it, I think I like it better that they were vague on her back story, at first I thought it was a bit random how she suddenly had a Catwoman suit, it does open up a possibility for an "origin story" of this Catwoman! Smile ... Her relationship with Batman, and obviously the whole three love triangle with Talia spiced things up a little, I was expected a "cat fight" towards the end, but not so much disapointed that it didnt happen per se, though would have been epic to have a Batman v.s. Bane and Catwoman v.s. Talia finale! Given the circumstances with the bomb though it makes sense where they went with it.

And Bane ... my goodness Bane, menacing, brutal, it was quite disturbing to watch his first fight with Batman, it felt like since Bruce had been out of action for some time, he really wasn't ready for this ... loved the connection with Ra's Al Ghul and Begins, and the slow reveal of Bane's origin, certainly Nolan's unique take which fits into this unvierse and I really enjoyed it, at one point I though he might have been Talia's brother, but I like how they ultimately went with it, it all made sense with their motivations and what they where doing.

I'll confirm this with multiple viewings, but I assume Bruce was in the prison and the pit for several months. Since his back did indeed get broken! I felt was Nolan's version of the "Lazarus Pit" ... fantastic way to incorporate it into a realistic version of Batman .. the struggle that Bruce faces in the prison, is really emotional and it provides him the strength and motivation in order to return to Gotham and face Bane again, especially jumping without the rope ... really powerful moments!

With Bruce missing in action, it's great to see how the characters are dealing with the "city state" that Gotham has become with it under control by Bane, and how they deal with it, makes everything so much more meangiful when they are all working together to achieve salvation, Gordon and Blake really shine here, and even Fox! Awesome to see Crane as a cameo in this chatoic world too. And Selena at first feels like this is what she wanted but you can see deep down there is something more, and Bruce knows this, which further ignites their attraction and of course their ultimate reconciliation together.

And finally the ending ... it did seem like Bruce was going to make the sacrafice, and I thought wow .. this was really powerful, but I like how Nolan actually ended this trilogy, the ending really ties to what Alfred was saying and his concerns, if Bruce had died and made the sacrafice it would have been heroric but it would have been injustice for Bruce and what he as a person deserved, he deserved a fresh start it was what Alfred always wanted, and Bruce knew this, so for him to make this decision was perfect, the people would know it was The Batman who saved them, a true hero, unlike the lie that was Harvey Dent ... and this would give them the true hope they deserved and needed. At the same time this allowed both Bruce and Selena to start a new life ... together.

Also, I feel like with ending most of the characters would have figured out that Bruce was alive, of course Alfred spots him in Italy, Lucius would have figured it out when it was discovered that the auto pilot was fixed by Bruce Wayne, John Blake most likely would have figured it out when he discovers the Batcave, and Gordon may have somehow got wind of this knowledge through contact that he kept with Lucius or Blake, it was a secret that few people knew that believed in what the Batman stood for, and he finally achieved what he set out to do, and could move on his own life ... amazing, powerful, beautiful.

So yeah, I loved it, it's a 10/10 from me, fantastic ending to a brilliant trilogy!
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Dark Knight Rises Fan Reviews
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