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 Rate The Dark Knight Trilogy in order (#1 being the best)

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Rate The Dark Knight Trilogy in order (#1 being the best) Empty
PostSubject: Rate The Dark Knight Trilogy in order (#1 being the best)   Rate The Dark Knight Trilogy in order (#1 being the best) I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 13, 2012 9:58 pm

2. BB
3. TDK

TDKR comes in first place because it had the best story and tone out of the three films. The tone was a mixture of TDK and BB which worked (I didn't like Gotham City in TDK). TDKR is the most memorable for me and most quotable. I see myself watching this repeated times even though this movie is just about 3 hours long- thats a sign its a great movie. There were more great performances outweighing the average ones; I would say the only actors I had a problem with is some of the extras. Marion Cottilard was a great Talia but her death/pass out scene, she kind of slipped but it isnt that bad as people are saying it is. This movie has really good writing and so many quotes that are so true like "You must invest if you want to restore balance to the world". For TDKR I did have very few gripes with this. My one small gripe about this is how is Bruce know the exact place where Selina is in Gotham when he comes back? I kind of know the answer how he got back to Gotham because I know he knows his ways and he's been around in that area before. The score is the best of the trilogy for me, I loved that ghostly sound you hear in 'Necessary Evil' and 'On Thin Ice'; the score uses a lot of themes from the first two which blended well with new sounds. I hope they release extended versions of their songs because there is a longer version of 'Necessary Evil' and Selina's theme.

Batman Begins is in second place because I loved Gotham City in this movie. It was very different and I get more of a Frank Miller-esque vibe, hard to explain it. I think this movie is the most underrated in the trilogy personally. I liked that in this movie that Batman using fear as his weapon plays a big role in this (this aspect was lacking in TDK and really bothered me). I see myself watching this movie in multiple viewings close together. Majority of the performances was great while Katie Holmes was average--I don't find her as bad as everyone is making her to be. I loved the score for this movie and its very moving and this score really got me into this kind of music and this is when I became a fan of Hans Zimmer's work.

TDK comes in third place because I had 2 gripes that really bothered me. One, was that Batman wasn't really using fear as his weapon and it seemed like it was more head on. Two, The Gotham City was OK and it just wasn't right because I really liked the Batman Begins Gotham City. Other than that the movie was good. The performances were great for the most part, Maggie Gyllenhaal was average. The score was great but I say its the weakest and just a little bit behind Batman Begins in 3rd place.

Whats Your Ranking and Why?[center]
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Rate The Dark Knight Trilogy in order (#1 being the best)
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