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 Alleged plot holes and inconsistencies

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Alleged plot holes and inconsistencies Empty
PostSubject: Alleged plot holes and inconsistencies   Alleged plot holes and inconsistencies I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2012 11:14 am

1) How is Batman on the ice?

Response: There is a certain part on the ice where it gets softer. The guards are standing on the ice as well because they aren't walking for enough to get to the soft part.

2) Talia's death was so fake

Response: I agree it was a little too much but she could have passed out after her body went into shock. Our body's do that as a defense mechanism. I think she passed out because you can live from that or you could die from that, so it can go either way. Your interpretation

3) Bane's death was bad

Response: Batman had already won that fight against Bane anyway until Talia stabbed him in the back. Now the only way to stop Bane is to kill him and thats not gonna be Batman thats gonna be Catwoman. Catwoman cannot fight Bane physically because she isn't as skilled as him so the batpod shot makes sense

4) Where was Batman?

Response: This movie was more of Bruce Wayne's story even when it was more focused on Bruce there was enough Batman to suffice and needed. After all they are the same person

5)How did Bruce get in Gotham?

Response: Bruce has been around the world a lot and knows his ways. He knows how to fly as well. If this movie explained it step by step this movie is going to run even longer, infer

6) You could have cut Selina's part out of TDKR

Response: No, she kinda brought Bruce back out in the world to remind him there are people out there still to play with. She had very sly humor and wit that eas a nice touch in this movie as a whole. They both found a clean slate. Together.

7) How can Bruce be with Selina after she has done everything to him?

Response: Even when he found out she was stealing his stuff you could tell he still liked her personality; that especially shows at the charity ball scene. Also when he says 'There's more to you than that', he sees more in her. You can tell Selina cared about him when she found out Bane was beating him up and when she said 'Come with me--save yourself...'

Cool Why are Bruce and Miranda Tate together out of nowhere?
Bruce was at his most vulnerable time. He has no money, he lost Alfred, and he's alone. This was probably part of her plan to do this at this time

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Alleged plot holes and inconsistencies
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